What VCs Look for in a Startup Investment

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As an experienced investor, I know what to look for in a startup investment to ensure a positive financial return.

Entrepreneurship seems to be on the rise in recent years, apparently boosted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The New York Times reports that even though Americans were starting companies at a decreasing rate pre-pandemic, they launched 4.4 million businesses in 2020, a 24 percent annual increase compared to the year before.

What’s more, innovative startups have more funding choices than ever. Many founders start with their own funds, followed by family and friends. After that, they’re likely to rely on traditional or corporate venture capital to fund exponential growth. As an experienced corporate executive, entrepreneur and VC investor at Pegasus Tech Ventures, I’ve learned along the way what to look for in a startup investment to help ensure a positive financial return — important for investors of all kinds. Let’s look at a few key factors that are important for investors to consider.

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