Which AI Image Generator Is the Best?


We tested Dall-E, Midjourney, Imagine with Meta, and Playground to find our favorite.

There are a lot of AI image generators on the market, and it’s hard to know which ones are great and which ones can be skipped. We put some leading AI image-generating models to the test and found that there are huge differences.

Gizmodo tested MidjourneyOpenAI’s Dall-EImagine with Meta AI, and Playground AI. It’s important to note these come at different price points, though each one has free trials. For access to Dall-E, you need to have ChatGPT Plus which costs $20 a month. For unlimited access to Midjourney you need to pay $10 monthly, and unlimited for Playground AI will be $15 per month. Imagine with Meta AI is the only completely free version, but you will soon see why.

I’m ranking each model in every slide based on creativity, thoroughness in capturing every part of the prompt, and ability to replicate the tone of what I’m asking for. This slideshow may have used enough energy to charge 40 smartphones to make, according to research from Hugging Face, but now you don’t have to waste that power testing for yourself.