Why AI Fails At Assessing Distinctly Human Skill Sets


It’s safe to say that AI recruitment tools are a major topic in the HR space right now. While they’re praised for their ability to reduce the time and expense involved in the recruiting and hiring process, currently available AI is also notably imperfect. As smart as current AI can seem, it’s also easy to manipulate. There are countless websites and forums devoted to helping candidates game the system and zoom right past the AI’s algorithms. Their known propensity to pick up and then deploy ethnic and racial biases is troubling, to say the least.

There are specific things a human recruiter can simply just do better because, to put it simply, they’re human. AI doesn’t see the person behind the résumé and cover letter. Consequently, that means AI won’t do well measuring the strength of the soft skills human recruiters most need to assess to determine if someone is a good long-term fit for a role.

The Top Soft Skills Recruiters Need To Assess

While there’s no definitive list, most employers are seeking to hire or train workers who possess listening skills, attention to detail, communication, critical thinking, empathy (often in the form of teamwork or interpersonal skills), and an ability and willingness to learn.

Understanding what these skills really mean and what they look like during the recruiting process can lead to better results in hiring, and that means taking a step back from relying on AI to do the hard work.

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