Why cybersecurity won’t be such a major concern

cybersecurity concern
cybersecurity concern

The threat will remain but the IT industry is evolving fast and soon all technologies will come with a high level of security

Cybersecurity is a major issue right now. We’re still in frenzy mode and playing catch-up following the pandemic. It’s no secret that cyberattacks are increasing across the board as workforces adapt to remote and hybrid working models, and hackers move to exploit unprotected systems. A distributed workforce and a wider geographic base, coupled with the increased use of personal devices and a growth in cloud adoption, have led to a higher cyber risk than ever before. In turn, organisations have had to scramble to implement or enhance their cybersecurity strategies, resulting in a huge surge in demand for security services.

But looking ahead two years, cybersecurity won’t be the play it is today. Not because the threats will have dissipated but because the IT industry is evolving, and a high level of cybersecurity will be baked into technology going forward. It will also have to be ingrained into people’s mindsets – cybersecurity will be subconscious.

Cybercriminals have been a number of steps ahead at all times, but we are catching up. In order to narrow the gap successfully and get to the stage where cybersecurity is second nature, businesses must now make it an ongoing, but manageable, exercise that is a core element of their overall strategy.

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