With AI, The Most Profound Career Shift In A Generation Is Upon Us

ai business
ai business

The early 1990s was a glum time. The economy had tanked, once-powerful industries such as steelmaking had been decimated, and unemployment was rampant. Economists at the time predicted a long slog of stagnation for the decade ahead.

Then, in the mid-1990s, something incredible happened. The internet opened to commercialization, and the World Wide Web exploded. Technologists became market makers, leaping from roles as corporate efficiency drivers to business revolutionaries. Business leaders and professionals became, in many senses, technology revolutionaries in their own right, leveraging the power of computers and online resources to bring innovative concepts to emerging online markets.

We are seeing a similar shift these days with the advent of democratized AI. Putting AI power in the hands of everybody means new ways of working and doing business. This means executives and professionals alike need to understand it’s growing impact on their career aspirations.