12 Fintech Trends Poised To Change Consumer Financial Transactions

fintech trend
fintech trend

With every new year, fintech solutions become more and more advanced, making financial transactions and management easier than ever. Developments including real-time payments, open banking and blockchain technology have changed the way consumers approach banking and personal finance, and new advancements will continue to have an impact in the near future.

As experts in the finance space, the members of Forbes Finance Council are always looking out for the latest and most promising innovations in their field. Below, 15 members share some fintech trends on the horizon that may significantly alter the way consumers handle financial transactions.

1. Stablecoins

Hardly any bank-issued stablecoins are in the market at the moment, but countless banks are looking at the technology as a path to facilitate settlements, taxation and cross-border payments, as well as as an investment product in itself—offering yield, for instance. Australian bank ANZ is a good example of this, launching its stablecoin, A$DC, earlier this year to digitize supply chains. – Jonathan De Wet, Zerocap

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