4 Ways Tech Is Going to Change the World

tech change world
tech change world

AI art, augmented reality contact lenses, solar energy’s run for dominance, and the race to improve EV manufacturing are reshaping our realities.

The Colorado State Fair recently held its annual art competition, and one of the top prizes went to an AI-generated image created by Jason Allen. He used a platform called Midjourney to turn text into a work of art. Artists of the paint-and-canvas variety are up in arms about the whole thing, astonished that somebody who typed a string of words on their keyboard and hit “enter” is now considered a member of their community.

Regardless of which side you land on the debate, you can’t deny that in the past year, the world of AI art — and technology in general — has moved incredibly fast. Not only do we have NFTs and Shiba Inu coins, but we also now have DALL-Erobots that run restaurants and smart contact lenses (more on that later). How will the world work in 20 years, let alone 200? Let’s take a closer look at four major technological innovations that could potentially transform our future.

Can AI Help the Underprivileged?

Right now, robots are primarily positioned in the manufacturing and auto industries, but that will change in the future.

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