voiture autonome

Aux États-Unis, la NHTSA ouvre une enquête sur des voitures autonomes de General Motors

Le National Highway Transportation Safety Administration se penche sur la branche Cruise LLC de GM suite à plusieurs accidents. Reuters précise que, selon plusieurs rapports indépendants, la voiture peut enclencher « un freinage brutal inapproprié ou s’immobiliser ». « Lorsque [… Read more ]

SuperApp Race

The Super App Race

A well-known entrepreneur and NYC Stern School professor, Scott Galloway predicts that the first $10 trillion U.S. tech company will be a mobile application. Although that might sound bold, considering what some apps have already achieved and [… Read more ]

apple chine

Apple Built Its Empire With China.

Lawmakers’ objections to an obscure Chinese semiconductor company and tough Covid-19 restrictions are hurting Apple’s ability to make new iPhones in China. Every September, Apple unveils its latest phones at its futuristic Silicon Valley campus. [… Read more ]