AI Drew This Gorgeous Comic Series

ai comic serie
ai comic serie

The Bestiary Chronicles is both a modern fable on the rise of artificial intelligence and a demonstration of how shockingly fast AI is evolving.

You might expect a comic book series featuring art generated entirely by artificial intelligence technology to be full of surreal images that have you tilting your head trying to grasp what kind of sense-shifting madness you’re looking at.

Not so with the images in The Bestiary Chronicles, a free, three-part comics series from Campfire Entertainment, an award-winning New York-based production house focused on creative storytelling.

The visuals in the trilogy — believed to be the first comics series made with AI-assisted art — are stunning. They’re also stunningly precise, as if they’ve come straight from the hand of a seasoned digital artist with a very specific story and style in mind.

« Deep underground, the last remnants of humanity gather to learn about the monsters that have destroyed their planet, » reads a description of The Lesson, the visually rich retro-futuristic third comic in the trilogy. All three are available for download now on Campfire’s site, and also come in softcover and hardcover printed anthologies.

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