Artificial Intelligence Stocks: The Top 9 AI Investment Opportunities

ai stocks
ai stocks
  • Artificial intelligence impacts every aspect of our lives, from our search engine results to how our products get delivered, photo apps, face ID, and on, and on.
  • There are many opportunities for investing in AI right now as companies worldwide look to capitalize on this technology.
  • Some insurance companies are now fully backed by AI, and there are even AI investment apps available to the average investor now.


Conceptually, AI is to the 2020s what DNA was to the 1990s, what bandwidth was to the early aughts, and mRNA was to the pandemic. You can’t ignore the power of artificial intelligence because it’s part of everyday life now. AI is designed to perform typical tasks involving some degree of problem solving and decision making that humans would normally do. Those tasks now range from making decisions regarding an insurance claim all the way to creating images from scratch based on text prompts.

Many new uses of artificial intelligence, the technology, are still being discovered. Yet, if you think about the evolution of services like Siri or Alexa in our everyday lives, it’s here too.

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