AI estimated to provide 10% boost to UK GDP by 2030

AI estimated to provide 10% boost to UK GDP by 2030

Capabilities provided by artificial intelligence (AI) systems and related technologies such as robots and driverless vehicles could provide a 10% boost to the UK economy by 2030, but there are concerns about the large number of jobs that could be lost in the process.

The conclusion arose in a report published by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on the potential impact of AI on UK employment and the demand for skills, based on research by consulting firm PwC.

Focusing on two main questions relating to the impact of AI in the economy, the researchers used a mix of expert workshops and publicly available government data on employment and job displacement to understand whether AI and related technologies would continue to trigger significant changes in labour. It also discussed the scale and form of that AI-led disruption going forward.

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