AI is finally booming now that big data has become easy

AI is finally booming now that big data has become easy

At last, storage is fueling the big data hype, which is also fueling artificial intelligence.

We spent a lot of time talking about big data in the early 2010s, but much of it was just that: talk. A few companies figured out how to effectively put large quantities of highly varied, voluminous data to use, but they were more the exception than the rule. Since then, more companies are finding success with AI and other data-driven technologies. What happened?

According to investor Matt Turck, big data finally became real when it became easy. Whereas early efforts to store and process massive quantities of data like Apache Hadoop were more of a « headfake, » he suggested, more modern « cloud data warehouses…provide the ability to store massive amounts of data in a way that’s useful, not completely cost-prohibitive and doesn’t require an army of very technical people to maintain. »

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