Behind the push to finally eliminate passwords

Behind the push to finally eliminate passwords

The FIDO Alliance is pushing for smartphones to become the authentication standard as the tech industry presses for new methods.

The FIDO Alliance wants to use smartphones as a true mobile authenticator, but the proposal faces some obstacles.

For more than 10 years, the FIDO Alliance has been working to end password dependency. Now, the group has a new proposal in mind that enlists smartphones as roaming authenticators to sign into any account on any device, thereby leaving passwords in the dust.

But to take off, the concept needs cooperation from software providers, developers, and other industry players, presenting a challenge on its road to reality.

Comprised of more than 250 companies in technology, healthcare and other sectors, the FIDO Alliance has long touted its password-less FIDO/WebAuthn specification, which relies on mobile devices, smart cards, and physical security keys as authenticators to log into accounts.

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