Cyber-securing your data with quantum-safe cryptography

cryptography cybersecurity
cryptography cybersecurity

  • Every year on October 21, the world marks Global Encryption Day. This year, with cyber attacks on the rise, we are reminded that protecting sensitive data has never been more vital.
  • We need to keep adapting to cyber threats with the latest technologies such as quantum-safe cryptography and confidential computing.
  • Researchers are also making breakthroughs with fully homomorphic encryption, which promises end-to-end security and privacy.

Cyberattacks are on the rise, with cybercriminals getting ever smarter. But so are security researchers, always striving to be a step ahead of the most sophisticated hacker – to keep you, your data and your business safe.

With companies more and more under pressure from data protection regulations and the risk of fines if data is not properly protected, researchers are coming up with innovative ways to enhance data privacy.

October is Cybersecurity Awar