Does Your Cyber Insurance Policy Look More Like Health Insurance?

What is next for AI regulation?

Over the past several years, if your organization experienced a cyberattack, such as ransomware or a diversion of funds due to a business email compromise (BEC), and you had cyber insurance, you likely were very thankful. However, if you are renewing that policy (or in the cyber insurance market for the first time), you are probably looking at much steeper rates, higher deductibles, and even co-insurance, compared to just a year or two ago. This is dependent on finding a carrier to provide competitive terms, although there are some steps organizations can take to improve insurability.

What’s going on?

The short answer is what one might expect, claims paid under cyber insurance policies are significantly up, according to Marc Schein*, CIC, CLCS, National Co-Chair Cyber Center of Excellence for Marsh McLennan Agency who closely tracks cyber insurance trends. Mr. Schein identified the key drivers hardening the cyber insurance market: ransomware and business interruption.

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