Eye on AI: Taking over cybersecurity

ai and cybersecurity
ai and cybersecurity

The world is getting more and more digitized with each passing day, especially with the augmentation of hybrid working spaces. Millions of lines of data are being processed and stored online with an increasing need to protect and secure that data. In a digital world such as this, the threat to a company’s cybersecurity is massive, especially given the large volume of data. The question that arises is, can humans handle the task of securing the data effectively? Perhaps only to a certain extent. That’s where Artificial intelligence (AI) comes into the picture – to bridge the gaps when it comes to a robust cybersecurity mechanism. The sheer number of cyber-attacks that need to be analyzed nowadays puts AI and machine learning at the core of cybersecurity.

Cyber analysts use system functionalities to process the data, detect threats, and treat them accordingly. However, doing so manually has limitations as it’s time-consuming and prone to human error. AI on the other hand can aid the process to become error-free and significantly faster. Furthermore, research has shown that mid-sized companies deal with around 200,000 advanced cyber threats on a daily basis which makes cyber protection difficult for humans to handle on their own.

How AI Works in Cybersecurity

With cyber-attacks and cybercrimes at an all-time high, individuals and businesses are under a massive threat of losing their data and having their details and trade secrets leaked. In a time as digitally susceptible to a loss and other misuses of data, cybersecurity has become all the more important for any organization.

AI is capable of processing large amounts of data to constantly look out for anomalies and hence, predict threats. Through AI and machine learning, organizations can save a considerable amount of effort and time on tracking, monitoring, detecting, and working on cyber threats.

Benefits of AI in Cybersecurity

AI gets more intelligent with time: AI reads and processes a lot of data and over time, it learns from it. It uses machine learning to improve its network security by recognizing patterns and then acting upon the deviations. Due to its learning abilities, AI is also extremely quick to react to any threats with recognized patterns and can block/eliminate them early on.

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