From Generative Images and Video to Responsible AI


The company revealed new advancements in generative AI images and videos and boosted the capabilities of potentially life saving flood and wildfire detection.

Google wants everyone to know that it’s indeed using its unprecedented access to the world’s ever growing data to build out powerful new AI tools. But while other newcomers to the field that are releasing products at an astounding clip, Google’s past battle scars with ethicists and regulators is forcing them to take a more cautious approach.

Google unveiled a handful of these new AI tools and use cases during its AI@ event in New York City on Wednesday. The company highlighted a variety of different approaches ranging from the purely practical to the weirdly whimsical. Throughout the presentation, Googlers attempted to balance their desires for rapid technological advancement while simultaneously emphasizing an interest in having ethical considerations “baked-in” to its technological advancements, something critics argue it and the tech industry as a whole have, until recently, utterly failed to properly address.

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