Gen Z isn’t threatened by generative AI at work but feels unprepared to adopt it

gen z
gen z

If Gen Z is considered to be implicitly tech-savvy, why isn’t it excited about adopting generative AI at work? The answer is not so simple.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been part of the workplace for decades, from deep learning in voice assistants to new features in enterprise software. But generative AI is just being integrated into the workplace widely, stirring up fears of what it could mean for the job market. One group, however, isn’t fazed.

Generation Z comprises the youngest professionals in the workforce and it is largely not threatened by generative AI. Most Gen Z (59%) say they’re not concerned about generative AI replacing their jobs, but only 48% feel prepared for their employer to adopt generative AI into everyday work.

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Coinciding with the generative AI boom, we’re also seeing a shift in the workforce. The post-pandemic job market has welcomed many young professionals from Generation Z to start their careers while Boomers retired.