How Generative AI Will Change All Knowledge Work

generative ai
generative ai

It’s becoming clearer that the next big wave of changes to how and where many of us work will be sparked by new applications of artificial intelligence.

Until now, the impact of AI on our jobs has been abstract for most workers, something that seemed to be out on the distant horizon. But the recent acceleration of applications around so-called generative AI is showing us how quickly and broadly our work will change. Some real-world examples:

The latest wave of AI tools generally doesn’t require technical skills and includes image generatorsvideo editorspodcast audio editorsemail-reply generatorsword processors, computer coding assistantsresearch-paper summarizersmarketing copywriters, and much more. OpenAI’s Dall-E and ChatGPT services give you a quick sense of the power behind these tools. What makes these generative AI applications both concerning and exciting is that they can generate seemingly original content based on simple prompts from users.

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