How Machine Learning Can Benefit Online Learning

online learning
online learning

From phones to watches to TVs, everything around us is becoming ‘smart’. Education is not so far behind.

The ‘smart’ approach to education is typically the incorporation of Machine Learning (ML) in learning and development. Machine Learning leverages Artificially Intelligent methods to teach systems how to make informed decisions without any human intervention. This is done by feeding data to a machine learning algorithm which is then able to process the data and make inferences for future events.

How does this relate to education? Well, eLearning involves the use of digital devices around us to deliver engaging learning experiences. What would happen if we leveraged data from these devices to create an artificially intelligent approach to learning? We don’t need to look far for the answers; it’s already underway!

Keep reading to find out how we can fully tap the benefits that Machine Learning brings to online learning.

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