Root me write-up : Logs analysis – web attack

Logs analysis - web attack

This is a quiz to find flags in web server logs.

The web server log contains the base64 encoding value in the order variable, and the URL encoding value in the end. Decode the URL encoding value, decode the Base64 value of the order variable, so the DB query is displayed.

❑ ASC : Ascending sort.
❑ case 1 when 1 then TRUE : Conditional statement(If-then-else)
❑ ascii() : char(ASCII code) → int
❑ char() : int → char(ASCII code)
❑ bin() : int → binary value
❑ substring(string, start, length) : This extracts a substring from a string.
❑ concat(exp1, exp2, exp3) : This returns concatenated expressions.

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