The Generative AI Revolution in Games

generative ai games
generative ai games

To understand how radically gaming is about to be transformed by Generative AI, look no further than this recent Twitter post by @emmanuel_2m. In this post he explores using Stable Diffusion + Dreambooth, popular 2D Generative AI models, to generate images of potions for a hypothetical game.

What’s transformative about this work is not just that it saves time and money while also delivering quality – thus smashing the classic “you can only have two of cost, quality, or speed” triangle. Artists are now creating high-quality images in a matter of hours that would otherwise take weeks to generate by hand. What’s truly transformative is that:

  • This creative power is now available to anyone who can learn a few simple tools.
  • These tools can create an endless number of variations in a highly iterative way.
  • Once trained, the process is real-time – results are available near instantaneously.

There hasn’t been a technology this revolutionary for gaming since real-time 3D. Spend any time at all talking to game creators, and the sense of excitement and wonder is palpable. So where is this technology going? And how will it transform gaming? First, though, let’s review what is Generative AI?

What is Generative AI

Generative AI is a category of machine learning where computers can generate original new content in response to prompts from the user. Today text and images are the most mature applications of this technology, but there is work underway in virtually every creative domain, from animation, to sound effects, to music, to even creating virtual characters with fully fleshed out personalities.

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