The World Has Changed: So Must Cybersecurity


Cybercriminals and digital environments have completely changed, but most businesses haven’t evolved their cybersecurity approach along with the changing landscape. Instead, they’ve been busy perfecting the art of fighting the last war just in time for the new one.

So why is cybersecurity in a seemingly endless crisis? That’s easy. We aren’t adapting to the changing environment, and the bad guys are winning. As a result, cybercrime statistics are through the roof, and security professionals are burned out. In fact, cybersecurity professionals are leaving the industry because they’re frustrated by this disconnected approach, and cybercriminals are thrilled. Instead, the digital security architecture must evolve with the environment.

Hackers have changed radically since the inception of the internet. They were once a gritty subculture of self-styled “hipster pranksters” armed with a social cause and questionable ethics. Incidents often focused on “sticking it to the man” through increasingly audacious digital criminal acts that showcased their technical skills.

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