What We Got Right And Wrong In Our 2022 AI Predictions

ai predictions 1
ai predictions 1

As we do every year, last December we published a list of 10 predictions about the world of artificial intelligence in 2022.

To keep ourselves honest, with 2022 now coming to a close, let’s revisit these predictions to see how things actually played out. There is much to learn from these retrospectives about the state and trajectory of AI today.

(Keep an eye out for our 2023 AI predictions, coming out next week!)

Prediction 1: Language AI will take center stage, with more startups getting funded in NLP than in any other category of AI.

Outcome: Right

Boy, did this come true.

The breathtaking progress in language AI has been the defining theme in the world of artificial intelligence in 2022.

Large language models (now commonly referred to as LLMs) have taken the technology world by storm this year. Today’s generative AI frenzy is the direct result of advances in language models: LLMs make possible both text-generating systems like GPT-3 and text-to-image systems like DALL-E. Ope

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