Why you should hire a chief AI ethics officer

Why you should hire a chief AI ethics officer
  • The role of chief AI ethics officer (CAIEO) is on the rise at leading enterprises as digital transformation becomes more complex and AI adoption grows rapidly across industries;
  • Forward-looking companies are turning to the CAIEO role to put into operation corporate values related to AI across the organization’s divisions. CAIEOs need to ensure that the AI technology being developed, used and deployed is trustworthy; and that developers have the right tools, education, and training to easily embed these properties in what they produce;
  • CAIEOs should have multi-disciplinary knowledge of AI techniques, tools and platforms, AI risks and its impact on society, business strategy, industries and public policies, as well as good communication skills;
  • A new report by the Global Future Council on AI for Humanity explores educating the CAIEO role and others to put into operation AI fairness across an organization.