Will AI Guarantees Our Humane Futures?

AI and human futures

Will A.I. Guarantees Our Humane Futures?

How Artificial Intelligence is a Transformative Technology while highlighting the risks associated with it?

See, artificial intelligence is the main engine that is powering the fourth stage of the industrial revolution. This emerging critical technology has several transformative advantages and, at the same time, has major downside risks to it.

The A.I. Transformation

This article compares artificial intelligence with the invention of electricity while talking about its transformative impact because when discovered electricity and when it was widely adopted, it had a radical impact on the global economy and as well as on our day-to-day existence. The widespread adoption of electricity radically transformed every sector of the economy, including agriculture, manufacturing, and services, and it also radically altered virtually every aspect of our existence. In this regard, artificial intelligence is somewhat similar to electricity as far as its transformative impact is concerned.

How will A.I. Boost the Country’s Growth and Economy?

Artificial intelligence is not just a futuristic technology, but it has already embedded itself into our daily lives. Be it the customized recommendations that we get on our phones and websites, or be it GPS-based navigation, or be it a predictive text that completes the sentences when we try to send an e-mail or a message, they’re all driven by artificial intelligence-based smart algorithms.

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