The Super App Race

SuperApp Race
SuperApp Race

A well-known entrepreneur and NYC Stern School professor, Scott Galloway predicts that the first $10 trillion U.S. tech company will be a mobile application. Although that might sound bold, considering what some apps have already achieved and what most have the potential to do, the idea is not that far-fetched. In fact, super apps are already well integrated into everyday life across most of Asia and elsewhere, so it may only be a matter of time before the concept takes hold in the U.S. The ambitious super app plans of companies such as Uber, PayPal and Facebook are evident.

Super-Charged Capabilities

The idea of providing shopping, banking or other services through a series of apps is common, but having all of that in one single app is not, at least in the Western world. That is what companies are aiming for, to build their own ecosystem for millions, if not billions of users. They want to be a portal for everything we need in everyday life.

Uber has launched a new product within its app that will allow customers to browse and book dinner reservations, live events, and other experiences. The company already announced it will be adding trains, buses, planes, and car rentals to its app.

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