Why are fewer women using AI than men?

using ai
using ai

Popular artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ChatGPT now has more than 180 million users, but jeweller Harriet Kelsall says it isn’t for her.

Being dyslexic, she admits that using it might help improve the clarity of her communication with customers on her website. But ultimately she says that she just doesn’t trust it.

Ms Kelsall, who is based in Cambridge, says that when she experimented with ChatGPT this year, she noticed errors. She tested it by quizzing it about the crown worn by King Charles III in his coronation back in May, the St Edward’s Crown.

« I asked ChatGPT to tell me some information about the crown, just to see what it would say, » she says. « I know quite a bit about gemstones in the royal crowns, and I noticed there were large chunks within the text about it which were about the wrong crown. »