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I Tried Microsoft’s New AI-Powered Bing.

Leaning on its multiyear, multibillion-dollar partnership with the buzzy startup OpenAI, Microsoft is incorporating a ChatGPT-like bot front and center on the Bing home page. You can ask it questions—even about recent news events—and it will respond in sentences [… Read more ]

ai versus humans
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AI Versus Humans: Who’d Lose?

Spoiler alert, the answer is both. Human-versus-computer chess matches, particularly Kasparov versus Deep Blue, contributed to mainstreaming the whole man-versus-machine discourse. Those games, in which some of the best humans to have ever played chess [… Read more ]

ia ethique
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En 2022, les start-ups de l’IA éthique ont levé plus d’un milliard de dollars

Qui sont les entreprises qui travaillent à rendre l’intelligence artificielle plus éthique ? Sur quoi travaillent-elles, exactement ? L’ingénieur Abhinav Raghunathan a décidé de les recenser pour pouvoir répondre à ces questions. En 2022, 55 [… Read more ]