Deeplearning metastase
Deep learning

Deep-learning system identifies difficult-to-detect brain metastases

Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have developed a deep-learning-based computer-aided detection (CAD) system to identify difficult-to-detect brain metastases on MR images. The algorithm exhibited excellent sensitivity and specificity, outperforming other CAD systems in development. The tool [… Read more ]

DeepLearning Books
Deep learning

The Best Deep Learning Books

you’re looking for an excellent way to learn about deep learning and machine learning, there are many great books available. The best deep learning books provide an excellent learning experience for beginners and experts alike. [… Read more ]

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Deep learning

How to read AI/ML research papers

Research papers are the wellspring of ideas pushing the frontiers of cutting edge technologies. Scholars around the globe rely on platforms like arXiv, JSTOR, Reddit, PapersWithCode to get up to speed on the latest in AI and data [… Read more ]